The abstract volume is now available and can be downloaded here.


Publication of Abstracts

As happened at the 2015 Southampton SVPCA, authors have been offered opportunity to add their accepted abstracts, as well as posters, talk slides, and subsequent published papers, to a proceedings collection hosted by PeerJ. Submitting abstracts to the collection will be optional, but will have the advantage of having a DOI and thus being more formally published and citable than the abstract volume. Instructions on how to submit abstracts to the proceedings collection have been circulated to all meeting attendees.


We are in discussions with the Palaeocast team about the possibility of live-streaming and recording talks, as they have done at other recent conferences such as EAVP and PalAss. More information will be provided in subsequent circulars. However, if you wish to opt out of having your talk recorded you should let us know during the abstract submission process by contacting Richard Butler directly.