Workshops will take place 9.30am–12.30pm on Tuesday 12th, and will be held in Earth Sciences – see here for more details of the venues. Registration for workshops is now closed.

1. Historical biogeography using BioGeoBears

Led by Paul Upchurch (UCL), this workshop will provide a practical introduction to this popular R package. Participants should bring their own laptop, and should ensure that it has R (and, if preferred, RStudio) installed, as well as the packages BioGeoBears, optimx, FD, snow and parallel. Participants should have at least basic familiarity with R.

2. Measuring morphological diversity (disparity) using discrete characters in Claddis

Led by Graeme Lloyd (Leeds), this workshop will provide an overview of the state-of-the- art of discrete character disparity as well as a practical introduction to the R package Claddis. Participants should bring their own laptop, ideally with R ( pre-installed, as well as Claddis (see instructions at: Basic familiarity with R is helpful, but not essential.